September Worship Series: Krazy Kinfolk

  • Bible stories of two fathers highlight the role of parental authority, helping us try to understand the love of a parent for a child.
  • Father Knows Best: the story of Jephthah (Judges 11:34-40), a bad father who sacrifices his daughter to fulfill a foolish vow (used as a boast to God).
  • We are Family: the story of the Man with Two Sons (Luke 15:11-32—the Prodigal Son story) striking a balance between restriction and freedom.
  • Themes: Reflect on the value of families and family values, Honoring parents, honoring families, Being on the outs inside of the family.

  • Bible stories of blending families together highlights the role of family conflicts and jealousy that arises.
  • My Two Wives: Abraham’s story (Genesis 21: 8-14) story of triangulation and competition, conflict and distrust.
  • Lessons Learned: Mordecai and Esther (Esther 2:5-23) story of Mordecai adopting Esther, but as an orphan is still marginalized by society.
  • Themes: When you define “family” who gets left out, The dishonor of being a “step,” What family traditions get passed down in families and might there be other ways to pass them on?

  • Bible stories of families suffering
  • What Did I Do to Deserve This: Job’s story (Job 1: 13-22) How do we understand the meaning of faith in the midst of dying, death, and grief?
  • If You Had Been Here: Jesus and the story of Lazarus (John 11:17-27) Martha blames Jesus for her brother’s death—if you had been here he would still be alive.
  • Themes: How do we adequately support those who suffer and grieve? What more should the church do?

  • Bible stories of bringing together families with different memories, values, and worldviews.
  • Nobody’s Business but Theirs: Moses and the Cushite Woman story (Numbers 12: 1-16) story of an “intermarriage” and all of its fallout.
  • The Same Difference: Ahab and Jezebel (1 Kings 16:29-34) At issue was the belief that anything that threatened Israel’s capacity to love God had to be eliminated.
  • Themes: What challenges do mixed marriages bring? What issues do bicultural children find in our community? Does racism play a role? What can the church do to affirm multi-cultural families?

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