July Worship Series: Revolutions

July typically begins with much thought and discussion around our American Revolution. We will be taking the entire month to explore issues surrounding revolutions of all kinds! Our songs, our words, and our lessons will all revolve around the affects and effects of revolutions of thought, politics, and deed.

July 5th is our time to look at what is entailed in founding a new country, establishing a new form of government, and embracing the freedom to practice their religion as they wished.

On July12th we will focus on the revolutionary approach to money that God lays out in the Bible—how different would our country look like if we actually practiced Sabbath Economics?

July 19th is a time of remembering the Reformation—the Protestant revolution against the bad church practices of their day. We’ll explore the issues of courage, clarity, cooperation, and conversation that would have been needed to face the enormous, wealthy institution that was the Church of the time.

The Future
On July 26th is a day of exploring the spiritual revolution we are experiencing now, entitled The Great Emergence by author and professor Phyllis Tickle. This is an entire re-thinking of what is church and “how” do we believe? Those same issues we explored on the 19th will come into play as, in our generation, we are revolutionizing the bad theology we see in the wider church today. This is where we are, will we (or the church) survive?