October Worship Series: Sacraments

Our Worship Theme for October is “Sacraments.” We will be taking a deeper look at the things we do in worship that are “extra special” to our faith tradition. The definition of sacrament is: an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. They are moments that are especially grace-filled. We will explore the two major sacraments that we, along with most of our Protestant brothers and sisters, recognize. But we will also explore a few more that are typically only recognized as “sacraments” by the Roman Catholic Church, but which everyone agrees are particularly “sacred.”

World Communion Sunday is typically celebrated the 1st Sunday of October. So we’ll take that opportunity to look more closely at Holy Communion and how and why we do this every week!

Baptism is a rite of passage, of sorts. Baptisms can be done VERY differently depending upon the religious traditions! So we’ll delve into the controversies of “sprinkle, pour, or dunk,” and “babies, tweens, or adults.” If you’ve ever wondered why yours looked different, or if you’ve ever wanted yours to be different, come learn why and why you can’t do it over!

Confirmation has historically been a time when twelve-year-olds join the church. Why is it like that? Can adult also be “confirmed”? We will be receiving new members that Sunday as well, so if you’ve been thinking of actually becoming a member, this is your week!

The concept of tithes and offerings originated in an agrarian culture. So we’re joining the “Harvest Festival” theme of our Pumpkin Patch and exploring what it means to bring in the “first fruits” and give back to God.

The 1st Sunday of November is typically All Saints Sunday. This is the day we remember all who have passed away in the preceding year. We will look at religious practices when we die and also explore what we believe about relationships across the border of death.