Our Mission

The mission of St John’s on the Lake is to reclaim Christianity as a faith of extravagant love and grace, radical inclusion and hospitality, and relentless compassion and companionship.

Welcome to St. John’s on the Lake

We invite you to explore who we are, both here, and in person—extending an invitation to you to join us for worship, a study opportunity, or a service activity—and to be blessed by God’s grace in our midst.

Our vision is to be an inclusive, vibrant, alive, supportive community of faith. As is true of any South Florida congregation you can expect a diverse, culturally rich, intriguing community comprising of Miami Beach natives, long-time Miami residents, new transplants, snowbirds, and vacationing guests! We are young and old; straight, gay, and transgendered; economically fortunate and economically struggling; Latino/Euro/African/Native Americans and immigrants from around the world; religious, agnostic, seeking, and skeptical spiritualties.

Many people think of church-goers as condescending, stuffy, standoffish, and resentful of newcomers. You certainly won’t find those folks at St John’s! We are always interested in new friends, as well as being a warm welcome to those here for only a short time. We are small, but loving! We want to you feel comfortable and to enjoy worship with us.

We know that coming to a church for the first (or second or third) time may be a frightening experience. We have all experienced that feeling of dread when you walk through the doors into the unknown. We assure you that we understand (we were all there once ourselves) and we bend over backwards to make you feel safe and welcome. We never call upon you, make you stand and identify yourself, or walk around shaking hands with perfect strangers while everyone around you is laughing, hugging, and acting like they’ve known each other all their lives! Once you are here you will find a haven of hospitality, beauty, and inspiring worship.