Everyone in our community is welcome to participate in the ministries of the church. Non-members are fully invited to participate in our worship, Bible studies, and community events. Our pastors will meet with you at any stage of your involvement with our church.

We like to say that there are really no “perks” to being a member of St. John’s. Instead, membership is when you make a commitment to take ownership and responsibility for the church and its goals. Our members take a vow to support the church’s ministry through their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Our church community then takes a vow to support you in your journey as well.

If you are interested in becoming a committed member of St John’s on the Lake, we ask that you speak with Pastor Glenn, as we hold classes for interested folks several times a year. We look forward to welcoming you into the loving, transformed, transforming membership of this church!

Member Testimonials

  • Susan Hamilton

    Anyone will be accepted here.

    "St. John’s has an extraordinary ministry team. Anyone will be accepted here as it is a reconciling church. It is one of the best gems on “the beach.”"
  • Carol Huffman

    Friendly, open-minded, contemporary.

    "St. John’s is a very people-friendly church. The church is what you and everyone in the congregation make of it. Our two pastors, Glenn and Gaye, are great – friendly, open-minded, contemporary, but also they also can challenge one’s ideas and traditional beliefs. Church outside the box. I love the Sunday fellowship time, which is right there in the sanctuary – with food, drink and friendship."
  • Scott Bracken-Tripp

    This community welcomes every single person.

    " I have felt more welcomed here than I have ever before by a church community. If there was one thing that someone might take away from my words about this church, that would be it: the eagerness with which this community welcomes every single person who walks through our doors."