We all need spiritual community, but we are all very different personalities and for some folks worship is extremely intimidating. I, for one, am an ENFJ so I love a theological/bible study class/group where I can learn and meet people slowly, not having to “just chat” because I get really nervous and just want to leave.

So, because we understand everyone is different, St John’s is developing a way you can quickly find the right way for you to connect more deeply with our community.

All of our programming will now carry with it a Theme Name: St John’s Wine Club, Out-N-About, Innergize, Beach Impact, and Neighbors.
That way you’ll know that, if you’re like me, you’re going to be searching the calendar for INNERGIZE.

Every month we will have activities that fall into ALL these categories. We encourage you to take advantage of all the ones you love and maybe even challenge yourself to attend at least one or two that are outside your comfort zone…the more you connect with others, the more fun even those kind of events can be!

St Johns Wine Club

Wine Club:

The first Friday of every month we will have a time for Wine & Cheese at the Pastor’s House (The Parsonage). his informal “Happy Hour” kind of gathering, gives us a time to get to know each other better, but in a less-intimidating setting. It is a great way to get to know the Pastors and for the Pastors to better get to know all of us (it’s hard to remember names and make a connection with everyone on a hurried Sunday morning). So come one and all and let’s just have a drink and socialize

Out N About


These are Field Trips and “Just Fun” gatherings, there is no deeper agenda than enjoying each others’ company and having a good time with a great group of folks. We’ll do things like museum visits, pool parties, and visit local attractions. These are perfect if you’re the kind of person who likes to have fun but needs an “invitation” to get out of the house.

Beach ImpactBeach Impact:

These events will be missional in nature. They will focus on either service to our community or social justice. These are the kind of “roll up your sleeves and make the world a better place” kind of events. Join us for street/canal cleanups, feeding the homeless, bringing coffee and doughnuts to the day-workers as they line up for work, attending rallies to further LGBT rights or Economic Justice awareness, etc.



This is where the “spirit” part of the “spiritual journey” comes in. These are gatherings designed around stretching, growing, and simply engaging our spiritual practices. They might be Bible Study, Book Study, Theological discussions, special worship events, etc. Some will pop up as the calendar, or current events, display a need. Others will be regularly scheduled. Every 2nd Wednesday, we will gather for some kind of spiritual formation event at the church. We will also, at least monthly, gather at a local bar/restaurant for “Theology on Tap”—an opportunity to talk about a faith topic and share a drink together.



Engaging our neighbors and our community at large. These will be times where we engage our neighborhood in issues that are important to them. We will host local governmental candidates, and/or officials, to present their views on topics of interest locally. We might also host Miami Beach residential homeowners, neighborhood watch groups—providing them a nice place to meet and demonstrating radical hospitality to them. We will also form community partnerships with other organizations to bring topics of interest to us and our neighbors—helping all those who are helping Miami Beach.