A New Plan to Go Forward

A New Plan to Go Forward

Dear Friends, 

We look to have a moment in time where the United Methodist Church will say good-bye to valued colleagues and congregations who align themselves as “traditionalists”, as we cannot seem to agree on how to go forward without hurting one another when it comes to same-sex marriages and having clergy that are openly of the LGBTQ community.  An agreement has come though, with representation of all sides, which when put in front of the parties already chosen at Annual Conferences to represent us at General Conference this May, are expected to overwhelmingly pass.

As Florida’s Annual Conference is fortunate enough to be under the leadership of Bishop Ken Carter, I will look to his words to guide us in understanding what has been agreed to, and if passed, what it might look like.  Please go to  https://www.flumc.org/newsdetail/bishop-carter-participates-in-global-mediation-and-interprets-this-for-the-florida-conference-13135028. For more information go to UMNews.org…..

As our District Super Intendant, Dr. Cynthia Weems, reiterated in her words today to the clergy of the South East District, the following is true:

  • No one has to vote to leave the church
  • No one is being asked to leave the church.
  • And, The United Methodist Church, under the cross and flame, will continue to be in ministry across the world.  

I ask you all to be in prayer, so that no matter the outcome, we treat each other with respect and dignity as Christ did all people, of all ways of life and all various thoughts of how life should be.  We remain brothers and sisters in Christ!  As always, I am only a call away so to be asked questions and I will continue to bring you news on Sundays as well. 

Blessings for the New Year!

Rev. Dawn E. Worden

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