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We here at St. John’s on the Lake will reopen for 50 people to join us on June 21, 2020, Father’s Day, this Sunday.  We will have service from 11am to noon.  Please bring a mask to wear and watch for signage on where to enter, exit, etc.

We will have gone through the guidelines of the County of Miami-Dade, the City of Miami Beach, and of our own Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Below are some short summaries of what we have been advised by our own Dr. Fred Southwick, so you know what we know.  Our own choir will have figured out who can sing from over 27 feet away from the rest of us and be completely safe, so that with other media aids, we have songs/music in our services still.

  • Being outside is much safer than being inside. There is much less transmission of the virus outside especially when people remain appropriately distanced.
  • The virus spreads mostly from droplets and aerosols released from infected people when they talk, cough, sneeze, and sing. For this reason, wearing masks and remaining six feet apart are essential.
  • Singing is the most dangerous activity you could do in church. Aerosols created by singing are not stopped by a mask or face shields. We recommend no congregational singing. Dr. Southwick recommended any soloist who leads singing should be tested every two weeks as well as remain appropriately distanced.
  • Although cleaning high touch areas like doors and restroom counters between services is important, it is not prudent to spend thousands of dollars on a deep clean each week because the virus does not stay active on surfaces beyond three days.
  • Older adults and those with other medical conditions are more likely to develop complications from being infected. They should remain especially vigilant and avoid gatherings.
  • Children’s ministry in smaller groups with limited capacity, wearing masks and social distancing that does not involve volunteers in the vulnerable population can be done safely. Children who live with vulnerable adults should remain careful not to spread the disease at home.

Come and know that we care and wish to be together in safe distances, etc…  A new normal is being adopted for everyone’s concern but that will allow us to be together to worship once again!

Come and celebrate!  Pastor Dawn

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