Thoughts of the Week 11

Thoughts of the Week 11

As the rain poured down this last Thursday, I feel as if my spirit was the same way.  Luckily, I am old enough to have had seasons of life, whether they be for a day or what seems like an eternity of months, to know that this too will pass.  As it happened though, my devotional for the day and the scripture I chose for our pet blessings service that happened this Sunday the 19th of May, were right in line with the day…. They are about Noah.  Easy enough to see the pet or animal connection to the Noah’s ark story and his gathering the animals in two by two while the rains came down and flooded all of the earth that he knew of; but how this was supposed to be an uplifting devotional passage, I did not know.  Then, as I read a thought about Noah and his relationship with God, it became more apparent.

Noah did not just go to God and listen to God as things got bad and the rain did not stop.  He listened for God and to God faithfully, so to create the ark (the saving grace) before the rain started.  He simply trusted God and did as God said, even though others thought he was nuts.

Noah did not try to build everything God told him to build of a ship in one day either.  He knew that to become and to do all that God required of him, for his own sake, his family’s sake, as well as the sake of the animals, he had to work with God on his journey day by day.  He did not get overwhelmed with God at his side and he did what he could to grow not only the ark; but I would surmise his own faith as each day went by.  The important part was that Noah was open to hearing God and giving God enough trust to lead him to the next day…the next season…and through the flood of rain.   So shouldn’t we too?

If we pray, listen for and listen to God, and always praise God, the Bible shows us not just through Noah, but through many stories, that we will make it through the rainy seasons of life and the ones that bring us down.

Keep reading and studying the promises of God, my friends.  Only then will we be able to acknowledge and lean upon them in good times and in bad times.  God may not give us every miracle that we pray for or at the time we think we need a miracle the most, but God will hear us and will respond; always in accordance of the promises made.

May Noah be a blessing of a story to know and to show how to lean on God, as we get flooded in life! AMEN!

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