5 11, 2021

Keeping in touch


Whether it’s the 1st, 2nd, or even the 10th time you join us, we hope you will fill our a contact card with your name and email, address, or phone numbers. We will not put you on a scary mailing list, or bombard you with information, but we would like to send you a sample of our newsletter and get your feedback on what you experienced with us. We would also like to send you and invitation to coffee with

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5 11, 2021

A time to get to know each other


We do treasure our time together at the conclusion of worship (in the back of the sanctuary), where we gather for finger foods and fellowship. This is a time of casual conversations and getting to know each other better. Both of our pastors are around if anyone wants to discuss the worship themes or sermon points, or pull them aside for a prayer together. We encourage newcomers to stay, even for five minutes or so, so that we might introduce

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5 11, 2021

Newcomer’s Experience


We welcome everyone at the beginning of worship, but we do NOT ask visitors & guests to introduce themselves, or even identify themselves in any way. In addition, we have done away with the “Passing the Peace” ritual which we know many people love, but research shows newcomers dislike vehemently!! So, in recognition of our community as a very transient and vacation-oriented place, we no longer ask everyone to shake hands or hug everyone around them.

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5 11, 2021

Music during worship


We have a small but awesome choir and we use music from lots of times, places, and realms—including secular popular music from the culture at large. We do, sometimes, sing those hymns from your Grandmother’s church, but we strive to not sing them at “funeral pace” and we never ask you to sing theology that we fear could be offensive.

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5 11, 2021

Relevant, Authentic Worship


Our objective for worship is to create a time of song, praise, and reflection where everyone and anyone find an experience of God. We provide spiritual guidance, acceptance, inspiration, and support to all and offer uplifting, intelligent, and transcendent potential in our worship. While someone born and raised in the church will find the “familiar,” someone who feels “de-churched” or who is “unchurched” will find enough guidance, information, and informality to feel comfortable participating fully! You will find our worship,

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5 11, 2021

Family-friendly worship


All children are very welcome in worship. We promise no one will look at you funny if your child squirms or cries. We love hearing kids in church and most children really enjoy being in our worship services. For children who may not love it so much, an usher can provide your child with crayons and coloring sheets. Infants and younger children are also welcome to join Iris, one of our experienced Montessori Academy Teachers (who is located in the

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5 11, 2021

Don’t worry about wearing your “Sunday Best”


We are a “beach church” you know! Here people feel welcome wearing anything from suits to jeans, or shorts & t-shirts – so please come in whatever makes you comfortable (although if you are wearing a bathing suit we ask you to also wear a cover-up so as not to change the focus of worship). You can help yourself to coffee/tea/hot chocolate, etc, receive a bulletin, and make yourself at home in any pew.

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