We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 11am. Our worship is a lively dynamic time in the “Ancient/Future” style, and you will find that no two worship experiences are exactly the same. We celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion every week, varying our Communion liturgy and process from the uber-traditional (albeit not very often) and ultra-contemporary, not feeling bound by the traditions of any period or era of faith practices.

Frequently Ask Questions

What do I wear?

St Johns is a beach church. So, come as you are! You want to wear shorts and a t-shirt? Wear shorts and a t-shirt. There is no dress standard here except for a shirt and shoes of some sort.

Is this an old folks church?

Quite the opposite; most of the members at St John’s are millennials and working age. Here at St Johns we welcome all people and families Children are always welcome, and there are children spaces for them to play as well. Infants and younger children are also welcoming to join Iris, one of our experienced Montessori Academy Teachers (who is in the back of the sanctuary), where she will guide them through age-appropriate activities.

I’m really new here…..

No worries! At St Johns we strive to have a worship service that is inviting and where you are open to have as much of a connection/ experience with god as you wish.

What’s the music like?

We are lucky enough to have a professionally trained pianist and choir that sing a variety of Contemporary and Traditional Christian music. Miami is home to many fabulous artists and musicians and we try to take advantage of that fact at St. Johns by having performances throughout the year by visiting artists.


Yes, we have snacks. There is almost always a small spread of coffee, tea, water, and pastries laid out before and after service, which is accessible and you are invited to bring to your seat during service.

What if I’m one of those people who are always late?

You’ll be ok. Being in Miami, you’ll see that people run on “Miami time”. It’s totally realistic to not be on time, all the time. Woke up late and didn’t get that much needed coffee? No worries, go ahead and grab a cup while the first songs are going on; we promise you won’t get any looks from us. Bring the dog, too, if they are good with people!

Your Giving is an act of worship!