The people of St John’s proudly proclaim their progressive nature. By this we mean that we fundamentally see our faith as being about shared values, shared commitments, and shared mission, not necessarily shared “beliefs.” When we do use “believe” language, we intend this to indicate what we choose to trust as truth, follow in our faith path, or practice in our spiritual (and secular) lives.

We accept people where they are without insisting that they conform their thought processes to some real or imagined standard. Participation in the life of our church does not require “belief” in propositions that run contrary to scientific education and training. We value honesty above other virtues, and place more emphasis on intellectual integrity that on religious doctrine. We never demand the pretense of believing what seems to make no sense.

That being said, we enjoy studying and sharing our various theological perspectives and expanding our horizons with respect to ways of understanding our life together as unashamed People of the Way of Jesus, the Christ.