Our First Book Study will be ‘How To Be An Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi

We hope you all will join us each week on Thursday as we discuss a new chapter of the book and our thoughts based around discussion questions. Each set of questions will be posted here and on our Facebook page for all to read!

We hope you’ll join us over Zoom each week as we learn and grow as a community! The Zoom link can be found below!

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Discussion Questions for How to Be an Antiracist Study – Session 1

Before starting the book, try answering these questions and think about where you stand on them.

1. Racism is an intense hatred of people of another color True False

2. There are some policies that have nothing to do with race. True False

3. Policy should be colorblind and never consider race True False Why did you answer the way you did?

4. White nationalists are the worst perpetrators of racism in America True False

5. My general feeling on where we stand on race in the past few years has been: (If it has changed at all in the past year, why?)

After reading Chapter 1:

  • 1- What are your perceptions of race and how will you prepare yourself to challenge your beliefs moving forward?
  • 2- Can you describe a policy that seems to be racially neutral but actually creates racial inequality?
  • 3- Can you name two ways in which racial neutrality or “colorblindness” might harm one racial group’s opportunity for equality?