Maundy Thursday:  Nothing helps us understand and walk in the Lord’s shoes like a movie or movie clip about this day when Jesus ate the Last Supper with his Disciples.  When he washed their feet.  When he said he would be betrayed by one of them.  When he was taken prisoner by the High Priest and his people.  Take time this year to look at a movie such as The Passion of the Christ, The Temptation of Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth. Take the time to feel what each disciple, follower, and what Jesus was feeling that day.  There is darkness, torture, and grief that day and especially the next day, when Jesus died on the cross.  Remembering though, is part of being all encompassed and “there”, as best we can.  Sit, thank Christ Jesus for his gift to us, then sit silently and let the Lord take you where the Lord needs to…. Sit in silence, in the dark, with only God, on this sacred day.