St John’s might be the place for you if:

  • You want a church that doesn’t make you feel like you are worthless.
  • You want a church that doesn’t ask you to leave your brain at the door.
  • You want a church that accepts and celebrates human diversity—welcoming people of every color, nationality, sexual orientation, and economic status.
  • You want a church that believes in social justice and supports advocacy for the poor and oppressed.
  • You want a church that has a deep belief in Jesus’ instruction to “love one another”—not just to “love the sinner, hate the sin.”
  • You want a church that is accepting of the fact that many roads lead to God and is respectful of other religious traditions and openly participates with other congregations.
  • You think you might like Jesus, but not so much his followers (we agree and strive to no be ‘those’ kind of Christians).
  • You think you’d like a church whose t-shirts say: “We believe in the separation of Church and Hate!”.

Your Giving is an act of worship!

4760 Pine Tree Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33140
Worship Sundays @ 11:00 AM