30 03, 2023

What Would Jesus Do? Ride!


Jesus was just born! We celebrated Christmas! Now, this week, we read in scripture that Jesus is riding into Jerusalem, where he will eventually be ridiculed, wrongly accused, put on trial, be crucified and die. In the scripture we read this week Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover in the Holy City. On the way there he asks his disciples to grab a donkey. He then rode into Jerusalem on a donkey with people lining the streets

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23 03, 2023

Only Tears


Have you ever just been moved to tears by something? Maybe it was a tragic sight on the TV or maybe it was a message you received from a loved one. Maybe it was the news of a diagnosis or maybe it was the ending of a relationship. In our human nature, we are prone to experience pain and hurt. It is a part of being human. And yet, often our world seeks to eliminate tears and push past them

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16 03, 2023

The Slap Heard a Year Later……What Would Jesus Do? Forgive


If you watched the Oscars on Sunday you may have heard more than one joke about the slap from the 2022 Oscars. If you have no clue what you are reading about, here is a quick recap, Chris Rock hosted the Oscars Ceremony in 2022. While hosting he made a joke about Jada Pickett Smith's short hair. Will smith took offense to his joke as his wife's short hair is due to a medical condition. His response was to go

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8 03, 2023

Let it heal!


Growing up, these words were often told to me by mom. I would scab my knee or get a cut and my mom would say, “don’t touch that, let it heal.” Even as adults we have a hard time letting things heal and at times would rather pick at a scab then just leave it alone. This is true physically and emotionally. We often prefer to go “unhealed” and pick at old “wounds” rather than do the world to heal.

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2 03, 2023

Embracing the Other


When was the last time you embraced a stranger? Maybe it was someone you connected with in the checkout line. Maybe it was a conversation with your neighbor on a plane. Maybe it was someone who had a cool tattoo that you asked about. Maybe you helped someone who had dropped their things on the ground. There are countless ways to embrace others. Embracing people is a holy and sacred thing. We are in our second week of Lenten sermon series

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