Growing up, these words were often told to me by mom.

I would scab my knee or get a cut and my mom would say, “don’t touch that, let it heal.”

Even as adults we have a hard time letting things heal and at times would rather pick at a scab then just leave it alone.

This is true physically and emotionally. We often prefer to go “unhealed” and pick at old “wounds” rather than do the world to heal.

This week we ponder again the question, “what would Jesus do?” One of the answers to that question this week is heal. Jesus would heal. Jesus would work toward healing.

In our scripture for this week, Jesus encounters a man who has been ill most of his life, 38 years. The man simply asks Jesus for help getting in the pool. Jesus instructs him to pick up his mat and walk. The man is then miraculously healed.

Other religious leaders who were looking were not happy with Jesus’ actions because it was the sabbath and they believed Jesus should not do work on the sabbath.

Jesus decided to heal- even though it was the sabbath, even though the man did not ask him for it.

Jesus believes in healing and wants each of us to find healing.

Today, what would you like Jesus to heal?

Is your heart broken? Are your finances a wreck? Is your head a wreck?

Today, reach out to Jesus and ask for healing. Knowing that when we make this first step a small piece of heaven finds its way to earth.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Audrey