25 08, 2022

Follow me!


These are the words Jesus called out to the men who would become his disciples. They were out fishing at the time, and as soon as Jesus called out to them they dropped their nets and followed him. Yet, I am wondering how difficult it may have been for them to leave their things behind and follow Jesus into a world of unknowns. Today, God similarly calls each of us into the unknown and that is never easy. While we

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18 08, 2022

Small Things Matter…


Does anyone reading this like the sand? Like the sand at the beach? I am a beach enthusiast but I have to admit that the sand is still annoying to me. I love my feet in the sand. I love laying on a towel on the sand. The part that irritates me is trying to get all the sand off to get back in the car! My grandfather actually keeps tarps and bags in his truck for this very reason!

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11 08, 2022

Leaning In….Post Pandemic…..


When is the last time you flew on a plane? I just got off a plane a few days ago. I have been on a few over the past six months. Each time I am on a plane I am still shocked that we no longer have to wear a mask. I am still adjusting to the reality that we might be coming out of a global pandemic. Some things that changed during the pandemic will stay that way. Zoom

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4 08, 2022

What is courage?


Courage often sounds like a scarier thing than it is. Often we believe courage means being a hero or doing something impossible. But I am convinced that courage is much simpler than that. Our scripture this week comes from Acts 27:13-38 when Paul and the other apostles encounter a storm out at sea. During the storm they experience difficulties and doubt if they'll make it ashore safely. Meanwhile an angel appeared to Paul and said, "Don't be afraid. God will grant

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