Does anyone reading this like the sand? Like the sand at the beach?

I am a beach enthusiast but I have to admit that the sand is still annoying to me. I love my feet in the sand. I love laying on a towel on the sand. The part that irritates me is trying to get all the sand off to get back in the car!

My grandfather actually keeps tarps and bags in his truck for this very reason!

Sand is so small but so very powerful.

Recently while I was in Italy I went to Venice and another small island near it called Murano. Murano glass is some of the most precious glass in the world. Murano glass is blown glass and usually comes as conventional glassware but can also be molded to make elaborate chandeliers and figurines.

When I visited the island I took a toor of a glass factory and was able to see the presentation on how glass is made. To my surprise….it all starts with specs of sand.

The small annoying particles that stick to my feet for days are the same tiny pieces that come together to form some of the most beautiful glass in the world.

As we continue to read through the book of Matthew you might notice Jesus’ attention to small things. Jesus often used small things like coins, seeds and sheep to teach about the large kingdom of God. Jesus often took a scarce situation- no wine, only a few loaves of bread and fish, and Jesus made a feast.

We learn in Matthew that the small things matter to Jesus. At times we are too busy to notice the small things. Maybe there are moments that we feel like doing a small thing for someone else won’t be enough so we don’t do it.

Today, I pray that you may be encouraged to lean into the small things. Simple prayers with your kids or spouse at night, a walk with your dog, a glass of water, a small note to a friend.

This week let’s embrace the small things which God uses to make big things in the hearts and minds of others and all of us!

Today, start small….knowing that when you do a small piece of heaven is found on earth.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Audrey