Have you ever been with a child before who will not let something go?

I know throughout the years one of my nephews will steal something from my other nephew. I will ask for them to give back the toy and then eventually I will try and take it from their hand. This is always a bad idea and starts a minor game of tug of war. Kids have a hard time letting things go. Both physically as well as mentally. Small children seem to remember everything.

As adults we forget things but we still seem to have a hard time letting go on purpose.

This week we start a new sermon series called, “How We Rise.” We are taking a deep dive look at the disciples and who they are. After Jesus died and rose it was up to the disciples to rise and carry on the mission of God with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We turn to the story of the disciples being called, specially Matthew.

Jesus went to Matthew and asked Matthew to follow him.

Matthew immediately followed Jesus.

Scripture mentions that Matthew “dropped his nets” and followed Jesus.

Matthew dropping the nets is an important part of the story. Matthew had to let go of the nets in order to follow Jesus.

In our lives we too must “let go” in order to let new things enter into our lives.

This week after Easter I wonder what we might “let go” of in order to rise to something new in our lives.

When children grasp onto something for dear life they often do not look happy. The same is true with us. Often times, the hard we cling to one thing the more unhappy we are in life.

Today, let us let go and rise to something new.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Audrey