10 11, 2022

Anxiety and Prayer


Anxiety is a growing reality in our country and world. We all have struggled with it. There is much research that has been done on anxiety. Some of the most successful businesses today are those that work to help with our anxiety (apps, supplements, gyms, etc.) Many of them do help! At the end of the day each of us needs some place to put our stress. This week in worship we come to one of the Letters of Paul

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3 11, 2022

You Are Light


You are the light of the world! We may not always feel like it, but this we know is true! Jesus tells us in Matthew 5 that WE, God's people, are the light of the world spreading God's love to all. This week we continue going through Paul's letters in our series, Falling Forward, and now we come upon the letter to the Philippians. For a group of people who have grown weary and tired, Paul reminds them of the good work they

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