20 04, 2023

Determined to Heal


Have you ever felt determined to heal something? Maybe it was a scab that continued to reopen and wanted to heal completely. Maybe it was an emotional wound that you were determined to overcome. Maybe it was a relationship you were determined to heal. Whatever it was, we've all wanted to heal something within ourselves for one reason or another. This is our second week of our new sermon series "How We Rise" and we are exploring life lessons from various disciples

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13 04, 2023

Letting Go


Have you ever been with a child before who will not let something go? I know throughout the years one of my nephews will steal something from my other nephew. I will ask for them to give back the toy and then eventually I will try and take it from their hand. This is always a bad idea and starts a minor game of tug of war. Kids have a hard time letting things go. Both physically as well as

Letting Go2023-04-22T16:38:26-04:00
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