31 03, 2022

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly searching for God?


Over the last couple of years, I think we have been perpetually looking for signs of hope from God. Some days that search is harder than others, but regardless of the day, the search can be exhausting. As life unfolds, we are often led to believe that the movements of God will be bold and visible. Therefore we spend much of our time looking for these big things that God may be revealed within, and yet we keep waiting for

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly searching for God?2022-04-03T10:42:24-04:00
24 03, 2022

HUMILITY. Something we all need a little more of.


This week in worship we will be reading from 1 Kings 3:1-15. In this passage, we see God ask Solomon what he wishes to receive as king. Out of all the many things he could ask for, he asks for wisdom. He takes a posture of humility and understands that his new role as king is something to take seriously. He recognizes the magnitude of what this position means and wants to honor those who have come before him.

HUMILITY. Something we all need a little more of.2022-04-03T10:45:05-04:00
17 03, 2022

What really counts?


In a world permeated by social media and advertising, we are constantly pressured to fit into certain images or boxes. We are often made to feel less than if we don't fit a certain standard of beauty or accomplishment. We also become so ingrained in this culture that we in turn push others down if they don't fit our own standards as well. All of it beckons the question, what really counts in life? Is it our appearance? Is

What really counts?2022-04-03T10:47:24-04:00
13 03, 2022

What are you willing to do?


This may be a question you are often asked by friends and those close to you. The motivation behind it is that we never want to be a burden on people. But what we often forget in this question is what real love looks like. Real love for our friends and family goes out of its way no matter the cost or inconvenience. This week's scripture comes from 1 Samuel 3:1-21 when Samuel is called by God. All throughout

What are you willing to do?2022-03-16T11:42:17-04:00
3 03, 2022

Human Kind


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday which is a time when we are reminded of our human nature. It's a time when we come to face our finite existence on this earth and acknowledge the breadth of everything that makes us human. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten season which leads us up to Easter. This is intended to be a season of preparation for the Resurrection that is yet to come. Often this is done through fasting and spiritual disciplines

Human Kind2022-03-06T11:13:34-05:00
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