Over the last couple of years, I think we have been perpetually looking for signs of hope from God. Some days that search is harder than others, but regardless of the day, the search can be exhausting.

As life unfolds, we are often led to believe that the movements of God will be bold and visible. Therefore we spend much of our time looking for these big things that God may be revealed within, and yet we keep waiting for that hope to come.

This week in worship we will be reading from 1 Kings 19:1-18, and this is the text where the prophet Elijah is searching for God. His life has been threatened by Jezebel, and he is on the run. To say he is exhausted would be an understatement. And he finds himself on the mountain of God where he is told that God would appear.

As he stands on this mountain, there was a great wind, an earthquake and even a fire, but God’s voice did not appear. However, it was in the sheer silence after these great things that the Spirit of God was revealed to Elijah.

This story reminds us that often times God isn’t revealed in the big and loud ways we might expect. Rather, God is often found in the small and subtle things of life. While we expend so much energy waiting for the big things, I believe God also wants us to pay attention to the subtle things. God is constantly speaking to us, but the question is are we paying attention?

This week, how might you slow down enough to find God in the silence? How can you see God in the small things around you? I pray that each one of us finds hope in the small things where God is constantly being revealed to us. Might this hope give us strength for the days ahead.

I hope you will join us in worship this Sunday in-person or online at 11am! Let us gather near and discover the presence of God in worship together!

Have a great weekend!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp