26 05, 2022

Don’t waste your breath…


Has anyone ever given you this advice before, "don't waste your breath...." Maybe you were upset with something and wanted to complain. Possibly you knew your words would fall on deaf ears. The truth is that we do waste our breath a lot. Some things need to be said but many things do not need to be said. Oftentimes our complaining, gossip, yelling, lying and negative speech are all wasting our breath. This week we end our series on the

Don’t waste your breath…2022-06-13T15:23:43-04:00
19 05, 2022

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!”


These are the opening words to Psalm 100 which we will be reading this Sunday in worship. This psalm beckons us to sing praises to God for the many gifts around us. It calls all the earth to shout forth the glory of God. This has been a helpful reminder for me amidst all the stress that life can bring. Although there is much to stress and be concerned about, it is important to remember the good things that are

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!”2022-05-22T11:01:29-04:00
12 05, 2022

Do you ever just need to come clean of something?


Sometimes I feel that we hold so much pressure to appear successful and perfect we are afraid to make mistakes. But as we hold this pressure, we become afraid to admit our mistakes when they happen. It becomes a heavy weight that we feel day in and day out. There are times we just need to come clean and let it all out. We need to admit that we were wrong and come clean of our mistakes. This can

Do you ever just need to come clean of something?2022-05-15T11:13:10-04:00
5 05, 2022

Just take a deep breath.


This is what my therapist often instructs me to do when it seems I am lost and frustrated. On a week like this, I think a deep breath would all serve us well. There is a lot of disturbing news coming out of our nation's capital that I know is weighing heavily upon a lot of people. There is much pain, fear, and dread within so many of us. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I cannot stress enough how

Just take a deep breath.2022-05-07T14:38:48-04:00
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