Sometimes I feel that we hold so much pressure to appear successful and perfect we are afraid to make mistakes. But as we hold this pressure, we become afraid to admit our mistakes when they happen. It becomes a heavy weight that we feel day in and day out.

There are times we just need to come clean and let it all out. We need to admit that we were wrong and come clean of our mistakes. This can be from something super simple and stupid to something very serious. Regardless of how big of an issue that matter may be, the weight intensifies over time. When we resist the act of coming clean, it only builds up more pressure and stress within us.

This week in worship we will be reading from Psalm 51 which is a prayer of confession. The psalmist, David, lays it all down and simply asks for God to create a clean heart within him. In reading this text, I can’t help but think of how healthy of a practice this prayer can be. David models for us what it means to come clean of our shortcomings, and how to ask for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Whatever pressure you are feeling this week, I pray that you might find the space to come clean, even if just to yourself. Find a time to simply admit where you are and how you might need help. Ask God to create a new and clean heart within you and watch how the Spirit can work in your midst. You might be surprised!

Join us Sunday at 11 am in person or online as we delve into this idea a bit more! I hope to see you there! Have a great weekend!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp