24 12, 2021

A Light in the Darkness


This is the gift of Christmas. While we often think this time of year is supposed to be full of joy and happiness, it simply cannot negate the heaviness that many of us feel and experience. However, this week as we approach Christmas, I am reminded that Christ's light wouldn't be as meaningful without having experienced the dark. Emmanuel (God with us) means so much to us because we know what darkness feels like. When Christ comes and shines this

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17 12, 2021

Oh My Soul…


Perhaps you've heard this or you've used this phrase recently. Many use it to express feelings of gratitude and others use it to express deep grief. This phrase can be used simply to express the feelings that go deep within us. This week we encounter Luke 1:46-55 where Mary offers a song of praise to God. This song is an expression of gratitude in her heart for the things God has done in her life. Her song doesn't omit

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10 12, 2021

Will you help us spread Christmas cheer?


"Will you help us spread Christmas cheer?" Now is the time of year when we are often asked to chip in a few extra dollars when checking out at the store to spread Christmas cheer. Whether it is supporting a medical research initiative, a local non-profit, or Christmas gifts for those in need, all are ways in which joy can be shared. The word for the third week of Advent is JOY. It harkens us back to the spirit of

Will you help us spread Christmas cheer?2021-12-10T14:46:51-05:00
3 12, 2021

Are you longing for peace?


Are you longing for peace? If so, you are in good company. This time of year brings a lot of stress upon us. Many are grieving a loss and anticipating a much different holiday season than ever before. Many are trying to make ends meet and to make the holidays possible. Many are stressing about getting everything done in the timelines given to us. Many are searching for the perfect gift with no luck in sight. Many are feeling the weight

Are you longing for peace?2021-12-03T10:08:23-05:00
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