“Will you help us spread Christmas cheer?”

Now is the time of year when we are often asked to chip in a few extra dollars when checking out at the store to spread Christmas cheer. Whether it is supporting a medical research initiative, a local non-profit, or Christmas gifts for those in need, all are ways in which joy can be shared.

The word for the third week of Advent is JOY. It harkens us back to the spirit of Christmas and the joy of Christ that meets us in the night. When the dark seems so overwhelming, we know that God is near.

This time of year is a season of preparing ourselves and the world for the joy that Christ will bring. This means taking care of our loved ones as well as strangers. Even when times are hard, Christmas is about coming together in the spirit of care. As we support one another, the unexplainable sense of joy can arise in and among us. When we lend a helping hand, offer a warm hug, support a charitable cause, and show up for those around us, the joy of Christ is found in our hearts and also in those people we serve.

Christmas isn’t about the presents, the decor or the food, rather it’s about people. It’s about people coming together and sharing in the joy of God’s presence amid hardship. It’s about acknowledging our shared existence in the realm of God and finding joy in the midst of fellowship.

Whether it is in gathering with those near to us, or by chipping in to spread the Christmas cheer, I pray that we each may find JOY this week.

Join us this Sunday at 11am as we rejoice in this season together. We will also be sharing in a time of communion. I hope to see you then!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp