Perhaps you’ve heard this or you’ve used this phrase recently. Many use it to express feelings of gratitude and others use it to express deep grief. This phrase can be used simply to express the feelings that go deep within us.

This week we encounter Luke 1:46-55 where Mary offers a song of praise to God. This song is an expression of gratitude in her heart for the things God has done in her life. Her song doesn’t omit the pain she has felt or been through, but she clings to the evidence of God’s presence in her life and lifts her praise. After all, she proclaims, there is much to be grateful for.

I was speaking with a member just the other day when they expressed a similar sentiment. Amid this difficult season of grief and uncertainty, this person recalled all the blessings that they are grateful for. This is not to dismiss or diminish the weight of those heavy things, but rather to cling to the hope that is found in this season.

Even when we cannot see fully, we can feel and know that the presence of God is near. Take a look deep within yourself and note the presence of God in the blessings you find. Feel the presence of God in your midst and let your soul magnify the Lord.

Oh my soul, I am grateful for each of you in this community and the light you share. May you feel close to God this week.

I hope to see you in worship on Sunday at 11am!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp