These are the opening words to Psalm 100 which we will be reading this Sunday in worship. This psalm beckons us to sing praises to God for the many gifts around us. It calls all the earth to shout forth the glory of God.

This has been a helpful reminder for me amidst all the stress that life can bring. Although there is much to stress and be concerned about, it is important to remember the good things that are in our midst. Even though there are difficult things in life, there is also much to be thankful for.

Today is a gift. Today is yet another day that we have breath in our lungs and another opportunity to live and be a part of God’s beautiful creation.

Take a moment and breathe in the presence of God. Call to mind a few things you are grateful for. Sing and dance, and make a joyful noise to God for the good things among us.

Let us come together in this spirit of praise on Sunday at 11am in person or online! Hope to see you there!

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Kipp