This week in worship we will be reading from 1 Kings 3:1-15. In this passage, we see God ask Solomon what he wishes to receive as king. Out of all the many things he could ask for, he asks for wisdom. He takes a posture of humility and understands that his new role as king is something to take seriously. He recognizes the magnitude of what this position means and wants to honor those who have come before him.

How often do we ask for wisdom? How often are we willing to be humbled?

From my experience, humility is something that often comes as a blow to the gut. It’s something that takes us by surprise and brings us back to the ground. But here, Solomon willingly humbles himself, and asks God for a spirit that is able to understand God’s desires.

How might we do the same thing in our lives? How can we take a posture of humility and simply remain open to God’s guidance from day to day? May we refrain from believing that we have it all figured out, and may we be ever so open to receive the divine guidance in our lives.

I pray that we can each willingly be humbled and witness the works of God in mighty ways.

I hope to see you each in worship this Sunday, March 27th at 11am in person or online! Let us come together and be open to receive God’s divine wisdom.

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp