21 04, 2022

What is your redemption song?


What is that song that boosts your confidence? What is the song that helps you turn the page into the next chapter of life? What is the song that gives you the courage and strength to keep moving forward? This week we begin a new sermon series called "Redemption Songs." In this series, we will continue moving through The Bible Year curriculum, but focusing on the songs and/or stories of scripture that keep us grounded as people of God. We will explore stories of

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14 04, 2022

Happy Holy Week friends!


This is one of the most meaningful weeks of the whole year within the Christian faith. Together we will walk with Jesus in his last moments, holding the complexity of emotions from fear, betrayal, and grief as we move towards celebrating Resurrection and new life. We hope you will join us for a few special worship services in conjunction with FUMC Miami as we experience the presence of God this week. Join us this evening (4/14) at 7:30pm at St.

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7 04, 2022

Friends, join us for the Miami Beach Pride Parade


PRIDE SUNDAY! Friends, join us for the Miami Beach Pride Parade THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 10th! St. John's has a history of marching in the parade each year to bear witness to God's love for the LGBTQ+ community. This is a great opportunity to offer love to our community and do the work of ministry in this city. We are excited yet again to march in the parade and extend our arms and hearts to God's beloved people. If you'd like

Friends, join us for the Miami Beach Pride Parade2022-04-24T12:00:47-04:00
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