What is that song that boosts your confidence? What is the song that helps you turn the page into the next chapter of life? What is the song that gives you the courage and strength to keep moving forward?

This week we begin a new sermon series called “Redemption Songs.” In this series, we will continue moving through The Bible Year curriculum, but focusing on the songs and/or stories of scripture that keep us grounded as people of God. We will explore stories of people in pain that continued to experience the redeeming love of God in their midst. We will discuss the various ways God’s redemption is available to us regardless of what we may be going through.

On Sunday we will be reading Esther 4:1-17 and hearing how redemption comes to Esther and her people through her own bravery and courage. God’s grace is always at work, but it sometimes requires action on our part to bring that redemption to life. As we come out of the great Easter celebration, we know that God’s redemption is here and Christ himself invites us into this work of redemption in our world.

This week, how can you sing the song of redemption? Put on that song that lifts your spirits, and praise God for the new life and joy in your midst. Sing it loud, dance it out, and let us come together and celebrate on Sunday all the good things God has done.

We hope to see you in worship this Sunday at 11am in person or online! Have a great weekend!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp