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26 01, 2023

Out with the Old in with the New….


I have a hard time cleaning out my closet. Maybe some reading can relate. I want to keep everything. I just know that a sweater that does not fit anymore will come back in style and miraculously fit if I just keep the sweater five more years. Some friends have told me about a helpful practice that assists in regulating closet space. The practice is simple, if you buy something new, then you have to get rid of something old. I

Out with the Old in with the New….2023-02-12T10:15:29-05:00
19 01, 2023

Through and Through


What are you going through in your life? Although we have begun a new year, matters of life haven't necessarily changed for everyone. Maybe you're going through a health diagnosis, enduring a financial hardship, navigating new circumstances in life, mending a relationship, seeking healing internally or externally, or something else. The truth is we are all going THROUGH something. This past week, we began a new sermon series called "Something New" exploring stories in scripture where communities were going through a period of

Through and Through2023-02-12T10:14:23-05:00
12 01, 2023

I don’t want to!


Maybe you have heard this proclamation from a young child in your life......and maybe also from an adult. LOL! Maybe you are the one who has said this most recently in your life! There are many things in life that we do not want to do! A friend of mine growing up said that his dad told him, "you don't have to do anything you do not want to do." This is true. Each of us have been created with the ability

I don’t want to!2023-02-12T10:13:16-05:00
5 01, 2023

Traditioned Innovation!


One thing that has impacted how I approach ministry from my time at Duke is the phrase “Traditioned Innovation,” coined by then Dean of the Divinity School Gregory Jones and theologian Andrew Hogue. In their book Navigating the Future, they define traditioned innovation as “a way of thinking and living that holds the past and future together in creative tension.” For many Hispanics, tomorrow, January 6th, has a special meaning that binds us to the generational tradition of celebrating “Three Kings Day”

Traditioned Innovation!2023-01-10T23:50:24-05:00
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