What are you going through in your life?

Although we have begun a new year, matters of life haven’t necessarily changed for everyone. Maybe you’re going through a health diagnosis, enduring a financial hardship, navigating new circumstances in life, mending a relationship, seeking healing internally or externally, or something else. The truth is we are all going THROUGH something.

This past week, we began a new sermon series called “Something New” exploring stories in scripture where communities were going through a period of hardship only to encounter something new on the other side.

This week, we come upon the story of Noah and the Flood in Genesis. As the floods came and destroyed much of the earth, God promised to Noah to begin something new when it subsided. God made a covenant to Noah and all the earth to bring about fruit and abundance among the earth.

Although the end doesn’t negate the hardship or diminish the weight of it all, the journey will always bring about a sense of renewal and restoration. And while we never know how long the journey will take, we can have trust that God is with us as we go through whatever we are facing.

God is with us through and through.

Whatever you are facing this week, take a moment and give it to God. Take some time to acknowledge God’s presence among you in the midst of the worry and stress. Invite God into your heart and remember that God is always with you no matter what.

We hope to see you in worship this Sunday at 11am in person or online!

Peace and blessings upon your week!

Pastor Kipp