I have a hard time cleaning out my closet. Maybe some reading can relate. I want to keep everything. I just know that a sweater that does not fit anymore will come back in style and miraculously fit if I just keep the sweater five more years.

Some friends have told me about a helpful practice that assists in regulating closet space. The practice is simple, if you buy something new, then you have to get rid of something old. I have not been the best at this practice.

Although this practice does not work for me physically, it does make a lot of sense spiritually.

In life, we often have to let go of something old to embrace something new.

This week we will look at the story of the Exodus from the Bible.

Moses led the Israelites to leave Egypt and go to the Promised Land.

Between Egypt and the Promised Land was forty years in the desert.

The moment the Israelites reached the deserts they began to complain about it and some even said they wished they were back in Eygpt.

I wonder if the forty years in the desert was in a part a lesson to the Israetlies to “let go of the past” so they could embrace something new.

Not only is this a good practice but sometimes a requirement for something new. At times we HAVE to let go of one thing to hold onto the new thing.

As we begin this new year and we all hope and pray for something new we must also be aware of what we want to let go of and/or give up in order to embrace what is new.

I wonder what this might be for you. What do you need to let go of in this new year to embrace something new?

This week let us pray for God to help us discern what we need to let go of and the courage to do it! Knowing that when we do a small piece of heaven is found on earth!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Audrey