Difficult Questions??

Ever get the feeling that you can’t ask difficult questions at church? But if we can’t ask the tough, keep-you-awake-at-night questions within our faith communities, then what good is church? Join us in January as we explore some difficult questions often raised.

Jan 10 – We discuss the Baptism of Jesus  [Luke 3:15-17, 21-22]

  • “Does Jesus have a God-complex?”
  •  “Did Jesus understand himself to be God?”
  • “Do people have to choose to follow Jesus to go to heaven?”
  • “What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire?”
  •  “Do Christians have to be baptized?” Why do some sprinkle and others immerse? Which one is right?”

Jan 17 – MLK Day – Jesus announces good news to the poor [Luke 4:14-21]

  • “Why do some Christians hate so much?”
  • “It seems like many people who work for social justice are non-Christian. Does it really take being a Christian to be Christlike?”
  •  “Why do some Christians believe Jesus wants us to be rich? Where does that come from? Wasn’t Jesus poor? Didn’t he tell rich people to give everything away?”
  • “Some Christians use their faith to oppose abortion, while supporting the death penalty or advocate for gun rights while others support women’s health/choice, opposed capital punishment and urge gun control. Which is the right good news?”

Jan 24 – Jesus celebrates a Wedding at Cana and turns water into wine [John 2:1-11]

  • “Real Miracles of party tricks?”
  • “Did Jesus really turn water into wine?” “Doesn’t this seem like a trick?”
  •  “Did Jesus really perform miracles?”
  • “Doesn’t this mean that Jesus is ok with drinking?”
  • “Wasn’t Jesus just being rude to his mother?”

Jan 31 – After proclaiming good news for the poor, Jesus is run out of his home town [Luke 4:21-30]

  • “Not a hometown hero?”
  • “Didn’t Jesus insult the Jews in Nazareth?”
  • “Did Jesus study other religions?”
  • “Who do people of the Jewish faith believe Jesus was? A prophet? Just a man?
  • “Why don’t they believe he was the Messiah?”
  • “It seems like  there’s a lot of conflict between Christians and Jews. Wasn’t Jesus Jewish? Aren’t Christians technically Jewish too?”