One of the biggest joys in life is seeing a baby take their first steps! I have not seen this in person but I have watched numerous videos of babies taking their first steps. I often tear up! I get emotional seeing the baby’s face filled with such pride…at least at the beginning. I love how those watching begin to cheer for the baby! This whole song and dance by parents and baby happens for a few days or weeks until the baby learns how to walk strong.

From the outside I am sure us humans look silly. We cheer on such a small act- a few steps. Once we are adults that seems like no big deal! As adults we now aim for 10,000 steps a day! Our once victory of a few steps becomes minuscule compared to our big and lofty goals as a grown walker.

We forget at times how important small steps are to our overall well-being and growth.

This week in worship we will focus on courage. We often think of courage as BIG steps and actions and words that cause BIG change. Most examples of courage in the Bible describe this kind of courage. This courage is amazing to read about but I also love the stories of taking small courageous acts.

In 2 Timothy Paul writes to Timothy and tells him that God did not give him a “spirit of fear, but one of power, love and self-discipline.” He tells Timothy these words while he is encouraging him to share the gospel and not be ashamed of it or afraid of what people will think.

Paul was not asking him to go into a Lion’s Den like Daniel or barder with a king like Esther. Rather Paul is just asking him to muster up the courage to talk to people about God. For many of us this is the courage we need also.

We need the courage to talk to someone we have been praying for. We need the courage to believe in ourselves and talk positively to ourselves. When we have the courage to do the small things we grow our “courage muscles” and we are able to have courage when the big decisions come our way.

Today, I pray that each of us might find a small way to be courageous. Talk to the person you are intimidated by. Confront the demons in your head. Wake up early and exercise. Pray for an enemy. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Knowing that when we do these things our courage grows and a small piece of heaven is found on earth.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Audrey