We’ve all heard this from time to time. When life seems to be really tough, we tell ourselves and those we love to hold fast because we trust that the pain won’t last forever. This is a part of human life. We know there will be seasons that seem unbearable, but we also know that what we are experiencing is only temporary.

Our Christian faith holds fast in the promise that God’s light will come into the darkness and offer us hope. This is integral to our understanding of God’s presence in the world. Even when there is pain among us, we trust that God is yet at work to offer us comfort and peace. We have hope that there will be better days when we can truly admire God’s Light among us.

Even in the moments it is hard to see, we can hold fast because we have hope that the Light is on its way. As we enter a season of Advent, might we each hold fast, trusting that God is still at work among us. Wherever you are in this season, might you draw near to God’s promise and have faith in the Light still to come.

Join us this Sunday at 11am as we begin the Advent season!

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Kipp