These are the words I used to utter to myself on the way to a haunted house growing up. Yet, no matter how many times I said these words, the fear still existed within me. It was a tradition in my family to go to a haunted house every year, and every time I would be terrified.

The truth is that we are all afraid of something. And depending on what that fear is, it’s up to us to navigate life beyond that fear. Life is full of unknowns and things to truly be afraid of. However, the Christian faith offers a beautiful alternative to fear and that is faith.

We hold faith in a loving and present God that remains with us in the ups and downs. We hold faith in a God whose love overcame death and brought about new life despite the pain. This faith that we hold gives way for us to live unafraid despite the unknowns of life.

As we approach Halloween this weekend, I’m thinking about how we might overcome the fear in our lives. What are you afraid of? What are those fears hindering us from? What might God long for us beyond that fear?

This week, how might we lean into our faith in a way that helps us to live unafraid? Where is God at work? Becoming aware of God’s presence can help to have trust even in the hard times. Might we each be open to the work of God in our midst and lean into our faith during these times.

I hope to see you in worship this Sunday at 11am!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp