It seems like the New Year has just started but in fact we are just a few days away from March, which brings us into Spring. Which may trigger in all of us the desire to do some “Spring Cleaning.”

We can put coats away, not that we use many here anyway. We can sort through our spring and summer clothes and see what fits and what does not. We can go through paperwork to get our taxes prepared and then shred items that we do not need!

Spring cleaning not only gets rid of stuff but also helps us to reset, remember what is most important and get back to the basics of what we truly value.

This week we start a new sermon series called, “What Would Jesus Do….Really? Reclaiming the Cliche.”

Maybe some of you sported the WWJD bracelets back in the 90’s. Maybe you remember asking yourself or your youth leader or pastor this question. Possibly people responded with great certainty at what they believed Jesus would do in one situation or another.

In honest truth…there is probably no one person that knows exactly what Jesus would do in different situations. In this series we do not claim to know all the answers or give you a five step answer for the situations in your life.

Rather, in this sermon series we will study deeply the life of Jesus and a few hallmark stories that reveal his character and see what we might learn from those.

I wonder today if Jesus ever did any spring cleaning? Trashed some old sandals and got some new ones!

We do not know the answer to that question but we do know that Jesus did “clean.” A famous Jesus story is found in book of John chapter two. Jesus heads to the Temple and outside of it are tables and tents where people are selling all sorts of things necessary for the temple experience. People are selling animals that could be sacrificed and exchanging money.

Jesus’ response is what is known as Jesus “cleansing the Temple.” Jesus actually knocks over a few chairs and tables. Then Jesus tells the people that they have turned “my father’s house into a den of thieves.”

Jesus saw something that was not right. People were taking advantage of ancient practices and making money off them.

Jesus’ response could have been to turn a blind eye, worship and move on with his day.

Jesus’ response could have been to participate and make some money himself.

Jesus does neither of these things….Jesus cleans it up!

When we think about the question, “what would Jesus do?” in this situation we learn that Jesus would “keep it clean.”

This week may we all think about the areas in our life that we have “let go” or ignored. The areas where we have been too comfortable.

May we each “clean up” the areas in our life that need some work…knowing that when we do we are more like Jesus and a small piece of heaven is found here on earth.

See you on Sunday!