Do you like being surprised?

Some people like being surprised while others would rather anticipate most things that happen around them.

Sometimes people talk about the birth of a baby as a surprise.

People will say, “she was a surprise” or “he was a surprise.”

As we continue into the advent story we all realize in so many ways that Jesus- Jesus- Jesus himself was a “surprise.”

The birth of Jesus was not planned by Mary and Joseph.

The surprise notification came not through a random dr’s visit or pregnancy test but through an angel! The angel brought the very surprising news to Mary!

The surprise seemed impossible!

Yet, it still happened.

Nine months later Mary was in a manger birthing the savior of the world.

The story happened. The impossible was made possible by God.

Today, I pray that each of us may hear this story anew and understand that with God the impossible can be possible.

Today may our mantra be the same as the angel who said in Luke 1:37, “nothing is impossible with God!”

Today, let us all be surprised by the ways- big and small- that God shows up and show us that the impossible can be made possible!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Audrey