Rain, Rain, Go Away

How have you liked our daily rain cycle here in Miami?

If you are not from here then you may not know that we have had afternoon storms every day for the past few weeks. I am sure the environment is loving the rain but it does seem to rain right around rush hour every afternoon which is not fun!

In the scripture we are reading this week we come to the story where Jesus finds the disciples in the middle of a lake. The disciples are rowing to shore and a storm comes up. Jesus walks out to them and their initial reaction is fear. Jesus tells them who he is and says, “Do not be afraid.”

This story reminds us that unfortunately the rain will never go away. Even Jesus’ disciples and Jesus endured rain and storms, even while on a boat! This story also reminds us of the good news that in the storms we do not need to be afraid because we have a savior who finds us in the storms and is willing to help us out!

This week if you find yourself in a storm know that you are not alone. Jesus chooses to walk into your storm and help you out. Maybe the storm is at home with your partner. Maybe the storm is at work or with a friend. Wherever you find the storm know that it will pass and Jesus will be with you! Do not be afraid and take courage!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Audrey