This is the true nature of life. Today we will receive a shipment of pumpkins for our pumpkin patch here at St. John’s and I am reminded of a new (Fall) season upon us. While Fall is such a beautiful season if you live in a place where the autumn colors are in full display, Fall also reminds us of the more difficult times in life as well.

Fall foliage, while pretty on the outside, reminds us of the inward changes that are taking place. When Fall arrives, we know that leaves will soon fall and trees will become dormant for a certain period of time. Thinking about the natural seasons reminds me of the inward changes that also take place in our human lives.

While life can appear beautiful on the surface, there can be a lot of inward transformation taking place that is often difficult to bear. We know that life in general doesn’t look like it once did during previous seasons and that can be hard to accept.

Take a moment and think about what internal season you are in. What changes have happened or are currently happening? What is difficult? What is beautiful? Where do you need support? What can you celebrate? Where do you see God in the midst of it all?

Whatever season of life you find yourself in, the reality is that we are all in need of healing of sorts. Maybe it’s healing from grief and loss, maybe it’s healing from broken relationships, maybe it’s healing from disappointment, maybe it’s healing from a diagnosis, or maybe even something else.

This Sunday, we will be having a special healing service in collaboration with FUMC Miami during our normal worship time at 11 am. This service will center beautiful musical selections and inspirational readings that can help us be in touch with the internal and spiritual seasons in ourselves.

I sincerely hope you will each consider joining us as I know it will be an incredible gift to us all. This week, might we each be in touch with our internal season and be attentive to God’s unique presence in this particular time of life.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp