Have you ever been given a second chance?

I would imagine most of us have been given numerous second chances with those that we care about. Maybe it was after making a mistake at your job, or maybe it was hurting someone you love. Regardless what the case may be, we’ve all been offered a second chance at some point in life.

This week’s scripture lesson is possibly one of the most inspiring second chance stories in existence. In Acts 9:1-22, Saul’s heart is transformed and he becomes a totally new person. Prior to this, Saul had been persecuting the Church and creating havoc everywhere he went. And yet, in this story, God speaks to a man named Ananias persuading him to give Saul a second chance. In other words, God encourages him to have a little grace.

While Ananias is reluctant at first, he is moved by God and extends grace toward Saul. This grace of a second chance is a pivotal moment in Saul’s life. This is the moment he becomes known as Paul and quickly becomes one of the most influential Christian leaders of all time.

This story reminds us that we all have the capacity to change, no matter where we have been and no matter what we have done. It also beckons us to see the potential for good in other people even when they may have done pretty awful things.

The truth is, we all need second, third, fourth, fifth…and even hundredth chances. We are all prone to make mistakes, but Saul’s conversion story reminds us that God still can and will use us if we are willing to receive and extend this same type of grace.

So where might you need to receive grace this week? Where can you extend grace this week? As we spend some time with this, I pray that we are each brought closer to the love of God and our potential for doing good becomes renewed and restored.

I hope you will join us this Sunday as we unpack this story a little more. You can join us online or in person at St. John’s at 11am! Let us come together and worship this God of unending grace!

See you Sunday!

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Kipp