Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is 1 week away and many of us are preparing to host a meal for our loved ones. And just three days after that begins the season of Advent which is the time of preparing for Christmas and the birth of Christ in our midst.

If you’re anything like me, the idea of preparing can be daunting. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. When the to-do lists continue to grow, so does my procrastination.

Yet in this season, I am being reminded of the gift that is preparation. Preparing for things can also be exciting and meaningful. It is a time in which we can pour our love and creativity into every little detail of the tasks at hand. Whether in preparing a Thanksgiving meal, preparing your house and family for Christmas, or preparing holiday cards and gifts, these things can bring true joy into our lives.

As we join in worship this Sunday, we will be reading from John 18:33-37 which speaks of Christ’s kingship. As we look toward the coming season of Advent, we know there is a lot of preparation to do. We know that there is still much to be done in order for Christ to rule in our hearts and lives. And yet, this type of preparation also brings us joy and purpose.

This week, might each of us remember the gift of preparation. Might we be fulfilled by doing the work of Christ in our lives. Wherever you are in the stages of preparation, might the joy and peace of Christ rule in your heart and offer your excitement for the coming days!

I hope you’ll join us in worship this Sunday at 11am when we will also celebrate the gift of a baptism in our community! See you on Sunday!

Peace and blessings, 

Pastor Kipp